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The term cybersecurity refers to activities that protect critical infrastructure against foreign intrusion by protecting personal information or intellectual property rights on a computer network. IT consultancies in Toronto believe that cyber security helps identify threats that are not as technologically advanced in nature such as low level attack techniques or less sophisticated attacks like trojans. Most companies rely on cyber threat intelligence to improve their cybersecurity practices every day by providing critical information about potential risks against which they can take corrective actions, reduce damages caused by those dangers and create opportunities for them.

Cyber security involves a complex range – between basic (or common) knowledge related skills used frequently throughout life; this includes how hackers operate each technology / network; understanding what goes wrong when it doesn’t work correctly before trying again with an improved product. At our IT consultancy in Toronto, we believe that cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.  Cyber security involves making sure you protect your personal computer (PC) against unauthorized access or use by others; preventing potential damage to other PCs, smartphones/tablets & laptops; ensuring that critical software functions are protected in a manner consistent with industry best practices and technical standards.

"Mosoca Technogenix, an IT consultancy in Toronto provides organization's with IT specialists, cybersecurity experts who develop specific solutions based upon their expertise, technology consultants and enterprise threat protection advisors."

Our Forte Includes:

Cyber Security Advisory and Consultancy Services

Sailing through the gloomy world of cyber security can be a challenge for many organizations – but a vital one, when faced with the kinds of threats currently making themselves felt around the world.

Mosoca Technogenix can help with our wide range of cyber security advisory and consultancy services. We can help organizations develop their cyber security thinking across the following areas:

Cyber Security Current State Assessment

Get a clear picture of where your organization is right now in terms of cyber security, including identification of any key weaknesses. Understanding its current position is vital for any organization looking to improve its cyber security, in order to put together a realistic transformation strategy.

Cyber Security Architecture Design and Validation

Mosoca can design an enterprise’s cyber security architecture, in close consultation with senior management and key business stakeholders to ensure all organizational requirements are met. And following the design phase, Mosoca can help the organization validate the architecture, to make sure it is fit for purpose.

Develop, Implement and Maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

For most organizations, but especially those that handle extensive customer data, or sensitive data such as medical records, safeguarding that information is a top priority. Mosoca can design and implement a suitable ISMS, and also manage its ongoing maintenance in the future.

Develop, Implement and Maintain a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Business Continuity can seem like a simple concept on the face of it – but coming up with a comprehensive plan to keep business operations going after a disaster or other major disruption is no simple task. Mosoca can help an organization design and build a BCMS that is as effective as the organization requires.

Develop and Conduct a Risk Management Exercise

All businesses involve some element of risk, even if such risk is minimal – but few take the time to understand the true nature of the risks they face, and how these can be managed. Mosoca can guide an organization through the process of a Risk Management Exercise, which will help managers and staff understand the risks their operations face.

Develop, Implement and Maintain Security Operations Center Framework, Processes, Procedures and People

With its extensive experience in the field of managing security operations, Mosoca can take on the complex task of designing a framework for an effective Security Operations Center – a hub for dealing with all elements of cyber security management and threat response. Beyond the physical infrastructure of the SOC, Mosoca can also develop the processes and procedures needed to make it effective, and also provide staff and consultants to run the SOC.

Provide Information Security Services such as GRC as a Service

Mosoca can also provide other security services, including Governance, Risk and Compliance as a Service, which delivers real-time assessments of how legal or regulatory issues could affect an organization.

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